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Welcome on the Official website of Landseer Kennel Bay du Nord and his co-working kennel Bellissima GlemBell!

We plan to be the biggest website to read and learn about this wonderful breed! We will put here as many information as possible to get to know with the Landseer.
We are partner kennels co-working in the Landseer breeding, so we decided to connect our websites too.

Landseer kennel Bay Du Nord was officialy registered in 2019, however the kennel owner started his Landseer carrier with Interchampion breeding males in 2009. Later she decided to have females and litters too. Bellissima GlemBell Landseer kennel was officialy registered only in year 2015 when we started to plan our first litter from multi and interchampion Landseer couple. However first dog arrived in year 2013. From that time we expanded to 3 females and 1 male, some dog in co-ownership. During 3 year we had registered 19 Landseer puppy. Bellissima GlemBell has Lagotto Romagnolos too.

This website will be specialized only in Landseer puppies. If you are interested in Lagotto Romagnolo breed you can find the link in the contact page.

In year 2016 the Bellissima GlemBell kennel started to co-work with kennel Bay Du Nord. With this great friends we can achieve our main goal, which is to breed, spread and make a happy, healthy and life-long members of families.

The one and only perfect breed we meet during our life, which made us happy, bring joy to our family and warm our heart. The Landseer!

They always give us pure and unconditional love!

An always and frequently asked question which sometimes even we ask from ourselfes too… why we breed?
Breeding dogs can be as simple as own a female,find a male and put them together then sell the puppies. This is how most breeder do. Without caring of health, temperament, the positive sides and the faults of the dog. Just make cute puppies and give them away.
Our kennel (and co-owned kennel) however does not work like this. We need to be cruel if we want to make a really healthy, good looking, stable temperament dogs. We are not afraid to withdraw from breeding not suitable dogs, even if we spend a lot time, effort and invest a lot money to him. Not every dog is suitable for breeding (from that also which are official breeding males and females also in others countries too. Some should never make puppies)
Important thing for us on a dog:
– Stable temperament (calm, not shy, good socialized, not agressive)
– Body without faults (straight back, wide fronts, strong bones, good angulation)
– Health tested and only clear for hereditary health problems.

Breeding healthy dogs are one of the most important role for us! Not testing the dogs will cause unhealthy breed until it fully die out! Our plan is to avoid over-breeding and help to save this rare breed.

Living with this wonderful breed is something which makes us happy and fulfill our dream because we have opportunity to participate in creating and improving something as beautiful and as perfect as Landseer. With owning more different breed we never met same kindness, geniality, wisdom and love which Landseer can give. Without saying a word they know what we want from them. It is a total simbiosis between the owner and dog. Our main job will be to try to achieve and own the best Landseer and give to families a healthy, beautiful and good temper dog. Of course nature and genetic is mostly unpredictable, so we can make mistake too as any other human. Naturally we train ourselves everyday to improve our knowledge, accessing courses, reading and researching the most we can. 

All our puppy get the maximum what a breeder can do for his litters. We always provide to our buyer above-standard breeder service. A lot help, guidance and of course all important document of the puppy. Our buyers and friends are part of our extended family. Which means they can (and everyone else) count on us. We want to give the best start for our dog. All our puppies will always come with FCI registered original pedigree, health test, EU passport, ISO microchip, properly vaccinated and dewormed, treat against hearth worm, fleas, thicks before he go to new home.

We try to make as clear bloodlines as possible to avoid overbreeding the Landseer. We will always avoid inbreeding as much as we can. With using only clear and healthy bloodlines and less known dogs we want to achieve that Europe will have as new bloodlines as possible. We try to make largest selection of partners from healthy bloodlines to be sure you will have a very healthy and unique dog especially for breeding and show.

European Landseer and Landseer Newfoundland is 2 different breed. Landseer should be more taller, standing on longer legs and more sporty type. However in our kennel we prefer the Newfoundland type Landseer. Which means massive, wide chest, strong bones, powerful body with large massive close to-Newfoundland type head. In Newfoundland breed the Landseer Newfoundland is called because of the black and white color combination (Landseer) while Landseer ECT is a separate FCI recognized breed. The Landseer FCI standard is open enough to have the possibility for the breeders to decide what type of dogs they want to own without having narrow gene pool.

Sir Edwin Landseer was a British painter and sculptor best known for his paintings of animals. He made a powerful influence on the Landseer breed. He is honored by having this breed named the Landseer. His paintings not only helped popularize the breed, but created a fashion for the white and blacks.
On the painting is Paul Pyr bred by Mr. Phillip Bacon and belonging to Sir Edwin Landseer’s cousin. The distinguished dog in the painting is supposed to be “Bob” according to legend, he was shipwrecked off the coast of England. As a stray, he became well-known along the London waterfront saving people from drowning, There were twenty-three rescues recorded spanning fourteen years.

Far greater importance to us than success in the show ring is the enjoyment of our dogs as part of our family.


Bay du Nord – FCI/MEOE
Owner and Breeder
     Réka Gönczöl
     Győr, Hungary
Telephone (Hu, En, De)
     0036 704 209 916
Bellissima GlemBell – FCI/SKJ
Owner and Breeder
     Melita Miklušáková
     Fiľakovo, Slovakia
Telephone (Hu, Sk, En, De)
     00421 948 551 505

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